Robert Graves Leonard (Zydeco Bob) and his Slippery Sneakers Band

Slippery Sneakers Zydeco Band is based in RI (Rhode Island) and plays throughout New England and more.

Slippery Sneakers is a high-energy Zydeco dance band that brings together traditional and contemporary Cajun/Zydeco roots music originating from Southwest Louisiana. Their sound is a spicy mixture of up-tempo Zydeco, Blues and Soul, Cajun waltzes, Creole, and a bit of Rock'n'Roll, with a heavy emphasis on "the groove" to keep crowds dancing.

Slippery Sneakers has performed at nationally known Zydeco festivals all over the country, including almost every dance festival in New England, always to wide acclaim. Additionally, the band has routinely broken attendance records at many of the monthly Zydeco dances held around the region of "southern" New England.

For Bookings:  401-397-8442  or  email